Jan 2020


Gen Z Accountants: What are the challenges for Australian employers in accounting industry?

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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The entering of Gen Z into the workforce is changing the way the world turns, and that means Australian accounting firms and employers in the accounting industry are putting their focus on this young generation to recruit and retain top talent.

However, Australian accounting firms may face many challenges in recruiting and training Gen Z accountants.

Attracting and recruiting accounting Gen Z graduates is quite critical to the long-term success of accounting firms. The penetration of Gen Z into the workforce is placing additional pressure on Australian accounting firms to review, as well as, update their recruiting practices to ensure that they remain effective at attracting top-performing students.

Furthermore, the Gen Z accountants desire to work for a company whose culture and values align with their own orientation. They are seeking for career growth and advancement opportunities, so they are not afraid to change employers in search of new opportunities and experiences. Thus, it is critical that Australian accounting firms consider carefully their recruiting efforts to match these new expectations of Gen Z and keep them working for long term.

At Odyssey, we are continually looking for young and talented accountants to join our company. Along with careful recruitment process, we always offer our new accountants 2-month intensive training program, which is trained and reviewed by over 5-year experienced leaders and 10-year experienced managers. That’s why we are confident with our staff’s qualification and strong service performance as the market leader in outsourcing for Australian accounting firms.

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