Nov 2016

Corrupt insiders at offshore call centres sell private data…

By: Odyssey In the Press
Tags: Call Centre, Data, offshore

Powering into the Australian news recently is the investigation by Fairfax media into the sale of private details of Australian customers. A Mumbai-based security firm is asking between $350 and $1000 in exchange for the private information. And there may be several private companies selling phone records, home addresses and other private details of Australian telecommunication company customers. What’s the risk? This …


Nov 2016

The bots take on the offshore army

By: Odyssey Automation
Tags: Bots, offshore, Outsourced labour

There has been a lot of online angst recently at the inability to purchase tickets to various events. Consumer Outrage! Reads one heading, and consumers requesting controls to prevent bots from purchasing tickets before people have the chance. So, it seems bots can move faster than humans in an online area. Bots aren’t anything new. We’ve all long been aware …


Nov 2016

Accounting Compliance gets a breather

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: cloud, compliance, Outsourcing, Technology

The annual 2016 Good Bad Ugly – Executive Summary Report has just been released and there is some interesting news on the Compliance front. The Business Fitness team have pushed out some revelations contradicting the current thought that compliance is dead. In an interesting twist this year, the report indicates that while accounting firms have introduced other services into their business …