Dec 2019

Key Criteria in Choosing a Right Australian Accounting Outsourcing Partner for your firm

Key Criteria in Choosing a Right Australian Accounting Outsourcing Partner for your firm: Part 1 of 2 – Maximize Your Cost Efficiency

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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During the festive season, many Australian accounting firms will close and thus not work on their compliance jobs. In order to reduce the burden of deadlines after the holiday, Australian accounting firms can choose a better solution: outsourcing. Indeed, most of outsourcing firms in Asia countries like Vietnam still process work during the Christmas and New Year season.

However, it is critical to choose an outsourcing partner that helps you to yield the best efficiency. So, what are the criteria you should consider to choose a right outsourcing partner?

Australian Accountants: Do you truly maximize your cost efficiency when employing outsourcing?

Many accounting firms are concerned about the cost of outsourcing. They may employ offshore teams from the Philippines or India, as the labor is cheap. But cost saving doesn’t mean cost effective.

Indeed, they may have forgotten to calculate the hidden costs involved in training and updating the qualifications of offshore teams. Therefore, make sure that the outsourcing partner you choose is clear with the total cost of services.

At Odyssey, our ad hoc offering allows you the highest level of flexibility and control on a “job by job” basis. So, you can flexibly send whatever jobs and whenever you want, without extra costs.

Drop us a line if you would like to send us any job during this festive season.

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