Feb 2020


Process Standardization In Outsourcing Australian Compliance: the key success of a BPO service provider

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: australian accounting, BPO, Compliance Work, SMSF, standardization

Imagine if your offshore staff had no set guidelines for handling a compliance job. It would be like you picked up randomly some people from the street, sat them down at the helpdesk, and expected them to complete the job well.

Every BPO provider for Australian accounting usually work on tons of compliance jobs, and need to finish them smoothly and deliver in time to their clients. If their operation processes are not standardized, the business definitely will be in chaos.

Therefore, a good-choice BPO provider must drive standardization across their business to provide value to customers and enable enhanced control of outsourcing processes.

Benefits of standardization in outsourcing Australian compliance:

  • Improves clarity in outsourced management because a standard process will eliminate the need for guesswork or extra searching
  • Guarantees quality of accounting outsource service because all compliance jobs are done in a pre-defined, optimized way
  • Promotes productivity and reduce turnaround time because your employees won’t need to ask around or comb documentation to get answers
  • Perfects customer service because every compliance job is handled in the best possible way

How does Odyssey standardize our outsourcing process?

  1. Before a client uploads a job they can see the times jobs are taking, through the advertised upload times on the home page. Clients can make a decision beforehand whether they want to upload the job (or not).
  2. When a job is uploaded it is reviewed by a senior manager within 1 day, and an email is sent to confirm the query date.
  3. After the outstanding final query is resolved the final job completion date is given within 1 working day.
  4. The online system contains all the job scheduling information, up to the minute, so you can discuss jobs with Odyssey operations staff and be sure they are looking at the same information.

After 15 years of operation, Odyssey has standardized our service and operation processes, to support your compliance jobs more quickly and effectively.

SMSF busy season is approaching. Drop us a line if you need our team to support on SMSF and Audits.

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