Feb 2020


Guidelines to qualify BPO service providers for Australian Accounting firms

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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There is no doubt that outsourcing has become the mainstream for Australian accounting firms to achieve high performance and productivity for their services at lower costs.

Searching for a qualified outsourcing partners for your accounting business requires a big effort. Let us show you a quick start guide of what to look at when selecting BPO service providers.

How long the outsourcing service provider has been in Australian accounting market?

The reliability of the operations is very important, so make sure that the service provider you choose has a long-term base in the market. It is good to know more about your outsourcing partner profile, including average client size, number of employees, operations location and so on.

How is the workflow managed when outsourcing your compliance jobs?

The workflow is defined as the steps and instructions required between your company and the outsourcing partner such as the receipt of source documents, the processing of the work s and the delivery of the finished output. Make sure that all the processes are clear; and your accounting outsourcing partner has a strong management system to ensure the quality of the output.

Odyssey’s online Outsourcery Management System contains all the job scheduling information, always up to date, so you can discuss jobs with Odyssey operations staff.

What metrics are used to monitor your outsourcing process performance?

In order to keep track of your Australian accounting outsourcing service provider’s, there are some parameters you should check carefully with your outsourcing partner, for example: processing volumes, turnaround time, accuracy and error rate.

A good outsourcing service provider should be clear in their communication and allow you to access real-time data and information of your processing jobs.

After 15 years of providing outsourcing services for Australian accounting firm, Odyssey is always proud to have a well-developed outsourcing system and professional staff that helped our clients efficiently finish hundreds of thousands Australian compliance jobs.

Drop us a line if you would like to visit our BPO office in Vietnam and experience the world-class Accounting Outsourcery System.

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