Jan 2017

Automation decimates Australian compliance

By: Odyssey Automation
Tags: compliance, offshore, Outsourcing

This week we thought we’d switch back to a date in history. The installation of traffic lights in Brisbane.

Starting with the end of the story. After the traffic lights were installed and switched on, it was reported that the police officer on point duty at this intersection walked off his post for the last time just as the Minister for Home Affairs switched on the current for the ‘electro-matic’ traffic control system.

Whilst we can sadly think about the loss of the job of the police officer, much in the same way we can bemoan the loss of compliance work for bookkeepers and accountants, the reality is that the police force didn’t disappear.

In fact, we, as their customers, probably expect they are doing more clever things. Things like looking out for crimes about to happen, being technology savvy in order to combat the latest computer fraud and computer crime, using technology and good old fashioned detective work to solve crimes. Just making Australia a better place.

In the same way, bookkeepers and accountants are expecting that they are embracing change, and looking to the future, being technology savvy in order to combat the latest computer fraud and computer crime, using technology to make Australian companies stronger. All of these just making Australian companies more competitive, and Australia a better place.

It’s hard to imagine why bookkeepers and accountants aren’t embracing change, including technological advances, cloud advances, and outsourcing. Is it that the police prefer to direct traffic? Is it that bookkeepers and accountants prefer to code things manually?

I’d have to suggest that the quality of work presented to bookkeepers and accountants is more engaging in a modern pro-active firm, one which deploys state of the art cloud technology, provides valuable services, and engages with their client.

Outsourcing should play a part in the accounting and bookkeeping services provided by a modern Australian firm.

There is the opportunity now for any firm, no matter what size, to level the playing field by drawing in expertise when needed: be this Marketing, SEO, SMM… and yes… let’s include compliance …

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