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Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Hi Helen,

I hope you are well. We are happy with the result of the first 4 jobs and going to send more jobs in the next couple of days.

Kind Regards,


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I have been approached by a larger firm for a potential buyout of my firm.

Part of the negotiations is that we’d move their existing clients to an outsourced model.

In order to consider this further we’d need to know if ORL has capacity to take this on? No doubt it would be a transition, but as an estimation we’d pilot the model with appx 20 clients and move progress from there.

Your input would be appreciated.

John, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Outsourcing Services

Thank you for your great work on this guys.

Very much appreciated your help.

Very happy client and your processing work allowed me to focus on some additional value-added advisory and analytics work for them.

Nick, Managing Director, Accounting firm, QLD

Nick Outsourcing Services

Hi Helen,

That is great, thank you.  I will continue in this pattern for subsequent years as I really appreciate what David and you folk do.  I reckon you folk do a top job and I let everybody know as well including other accountants.


William, Principal, CA firm, WA

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Hi David,

We have been using Odyssey for some time now and are very happy with the results.

In addition to the current super funds we have you completing, I am looking into an option of fixed resource to help us process BAS, year-end accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

Kind Regards,

B, Director, Accounting firm, QLD

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I note the first completed job by Odyssey for us was a success!!! We were very happy with both the quality and turnaround time of the workpapers provided, and the final tax return and financial statements. We'll be looking forward to sending more jobs to Odyssey in the coming weeks.

Kind Regards,

G, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

G, Director, Accounting firm, NSW Outsourcing Services

We are getting better at the communication element and handling your Website (our problem not yours) and any queries are quickly sorted by your Operation Manager.

Thanks again and I am still amazed at the timing of your communication.


S, Managing Director, Accounting firm, WA

Outsourcing Services


I would like to give you some feedback about a couple of jobs just finished. I think the turnaround time met our expectation and your workpapers are excellent. The level of details, indexing in PDF, queries and reply section are all well designed.

Kind Regards

N, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

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Your team has just seriously saved me from an issue with a very large client. I just received the information from Odyssey and have sent it off to a very happy client.  Not only that but the quality of work is absolutely first class.

Please pass on my gratitude to your team. I cannot overstate how important this was and what the service provided means to me.

My thanks and regards,

M, Owner, Accounting firm, WA

Outsourcing Services

Thank you,

I have reviewed the files and all is in order, fantastic job!

Kind Regards,

B, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

B, Director, Accounting firm, VIC Outsourcing Services

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Lovely to have a visit today to the Odyssey office by some Melbournians, doing a due diligence on Odyssey’s outsourced offering.

8 Aug 2022

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Lovely to have a visit by a Melbourne accounting firm partner today.. Thumbs up on the quality of work from the Odyssey!

21 Nov 2019

Peter VIC Outsourcing Services

Odyssey client visit

Thanks to our Australian accounting clients who came to visit Odyssey's office. Hope you had a great time in Vietnam!

27 September 2019

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