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Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Hi Helen,

Good pick up. Really appreciate your team's dedication.


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Thanks Helen

We appreciate the work the company does it really is high quality.


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Hi Maria

How are you. I've missed your call a couple of times.

We are very happy with the Dieu and Quyen. Their work is exceptional. Quyen has learned very fast. And is taking a lot of initiative. We are so excited with Quyen as addition to our team. Very very happy.

Thank you so much for following up

We hope that Quyen loves to work with us too.

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Hi Helen,

I hope you are well. Very happy with everything so far. Even when I was overseas for a week it was easy to keep things ticking away.

Kind Regards

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Luan has been working with my business for a little over 6 months now and I would like to provide some positive feedback from this time regarding Luan:

• Great at following instructions on a broad range of jobs.
• Quick at picking up new jobs and processes.
• Takes on board review points well for future jobs.
• Flexible with work arrangements i.e. starting early/finishing early.
• Takes initiative with jobs and raises queries outside scope of instructions.
• Has become increasingly efficient on recurring jobs.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how Luan has progressed working with my business, and how he has become an integral part of being able to services my clients as best as possible.

I look forward to Luan’s continued services with my business and want to also thank you and the Odyssey team for the continued support.

Kind Regards,

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Absolutely happy to go with your processes. My first job with you went unbelievable smoothly, it was fantastic!


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Hi Helen thank you for the meeting this morning.

I was very impressed in your office set up and the professional and appealing environment Odyssey operates . It’s comforting for us to understand that our clients are being looked after in the best environment.

Thank you again Helen and look forward to hearing from you and to an ongoing complementary outsourcing relationship.

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Hi Odyssey team,

Excellent work team! Tough deadline but you made it for me!

Kind regards

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We have been receiving some great quality work from your team. Highly appreciated your support to us.

Thank you.

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Hi Team,

Just wanted to say that your effort with our SMSF was awesome. I especially liked the new process – it was perfect. I think this was the first one we’ve done with the new process?

Thank you very very much really appreciate it

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Lovely to have a visit today to the Odyssey office by some Melbournians, doing a due diligence on Odyssey’s outsourced offering.

8 Aug 2022

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Lovely to have a visit by a Melbourne accounting firm partner today.. Thumbs up on the quality of work from the Odyssey!

21 Nov 2019

Peter VIC Outsourcing Services

Odyssey client visit

Thanks to our Australian accounting clients who came to visit Odyssey's office. Hope you had a great time in Vietnam!

27 September 2019

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