Jun 2022

Focus on the client and leave the Australian compliance tax work to Odyssey outsourcing

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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Are you too busy?

We recently received a comment from a client that pretty much summed up everything good about outsourcing your compliance work.

Odyssey believes that Australian SME businesses are best served when Australian accounting firms are providing additional work outside the compliance space.

And with a never ending raft of new tax laws, guidance notes, practice notes and suggestions on best practices, it’s pretty much a full time job staying up to date with compliance knowledge, let alone having the time to complete the compliance work.

Below is a comment that came back from a new Odyssey client.

Hi Odyssey,

Thank you for your great work on this guys. Very much appreciated your help.

Very happy client and your processing work allowed me to focus on some additional value-added advisory and analytics work for them.

Have a good evening


Australian SME clients are best served in the international market through providing best practice advisory and analytics, to ensure they remain competitive. Australian SME clients can’t be best served when only compliance services are provided.

The future of the Australian SME, the employees and family of the employees, and the supporting services (restaurants, cafes etc), are all reliant on a healthy SME. And it’s up to the Australian accounting firm to ensure they remain competitive.

Feel free to reach out to us here at Odyssey if you’d like to chat more about how our outsourcing service can free up some spare time for your firm.  

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