Sep 2020


Successful recipe for Smaller accounting Firms: picking resource volumes to match needs and demands

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Accounting firm, Ad hoc jobs, flexible resources, Outsourced Services, SEM

In this slightly difficult and turbulent time, it’s the smaller firms that have already utilised part time flexible resource inputs, that have managed to weather the storm slightly better.

And with discussions of Zombie companies in Australia, no accounting firm owner really has a clear idea of how many of their clients are functioning viable entities, and how many will not survive into 2021.

But what is happening is that we are seeing the smaller firms, adept and experienced in the use of part time inputs, taking on board the ad-hoc resource use of Australian compliance inputs.

Previously, if you spoke to an Australian accounting firm owner, they’d be fully experienced in deploying resources on task specific jobs. Tasks like SEM expert for 5 hours a month, social media monitoring (linkedin) person 2 hours a week, blog writing junior copy 2 hours a week, internal bookkeeper 5 hours a week.

Given the highly unstable economic time, we’re seeing a lot of smaller Australian accountants selecting offshore outsourcing ad-hoc resource models. Job comes in the front door, and it can go straight over to the offshore outsourcing company.

There’s certainly been a shift in thinking to ad-hoc compliance resourcing of inputs, matching the ad-hoc seasonal nature of job demand.

If you need help with your ad-hoc Australian compliance outsourcing, then drop us a line.

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