Aug 2020


Why Australian ad-hoc resources flexibility is winning during this black swan moment

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Ad hoc resources, Australian compliance, flexibility, offshore

This week we thought we’d share an email that came from a client last week.

It’s pretty easy to summarise:

  • Have been using Odyssey for SMSF and larger compliance jobs
  • Hired an offshore staff from the Philippines, but they moved on (in under a year) after being trained
  • Wants a flexible offering, including compliance work and bookkeeping
  • Doesn’t have enough work for a full time person, and isn’t really sure of the resources he has inhouse

So below we share the email.

Hi Helen

Hope you are well!!

I have used Odyssey for the past year mainly for SMSF compliance and large non complex compliance work, to which Odyssey shines given their longevity in the marketplace.

During the last busy season I understood that there could be delays in processing some of my non smsf compliance work, and at the time I was desperate as 2 experienced accountants left at the same time I needed someone to dump stuff on to and do work with a slightly quicker turnaround.

So for my main non smsf work I engaged someone from <Philippines offshore inexperienced staff provider>. However, this <offshore> person has moved on after I spent all that time training them, so now I am short on help again and I am reviewing my options for a replacement accountant. I think I have found an onshore grad with 2 years experience. However, I still need another accountant but not enough work for a full time person.

At the same time the bookkeeping arm of my business is growing and I am trying to work out the best option for me.

I note now you are offering dedicated employees now. However, I don’t think at this stage I have enough work for a full time compliance person or a full time bookkeeper either.

As you can see I have a dilemma. do I look at ad hoc services, but not really sure how to go about solving my changing resource needs.

Is there someone I can chat to see what my options are.

There is no confusion when it comes to smsf’s in the next 12 months they are still coming your way 🙂

Thank you and look forward to hearing from someone.

Have a great day

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