Jan 2020

Odyssey Accountants 2020 – Celebrate the Past and Create the Future

Odyssey Accountants 2020 – Celebrate the Past and Create the Future

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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During the past 10 years, it’s quite a decade of Odyssey. We had experienced our strong growth from the pioneer to become the market leader in outsourcing for Australian accounting firms. The achievements of Odyssey are the results of the companion of our clients and employees during this 10–year milestone. And we would like to express our thankfulness to all.

Really impressed in the turnaround of the work I’ve been uploading across to Odyssey. Your team are asking excellent questions. Much better than the other outsourcing companies I’ve used before – no comparison… Outsourcing is allowing me to improve business process and work directly with the client as opposed to punching out returns.”- Lovely feedback from our client.

2020! It’s a new year, it’s a new decade.

Whilst 2020 is a new decade coming, it is clear we can expect compliance work to be massively affected in upcoming years. The ability for Australian accountants to focus on value-add is now more critical than ever.

The future is clear: Australian accounting firms need to move onto other value-add work. Compliance works will be outsourced 99% overseas.”- said David Carter- CEO of Odyssey.

Life really is about getting out and doing things. It’s not just about sitting down and doing compliance for another year. Let Odyssey assist you with your compliance burden for the future.

We wish you a New Year filled with happiness and good fortune in 2020 and Odyssey will keep our positive impact on your life and your accounting business.

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