Nov 2019


How Outsourcing Services Bring Value to Australian Accounting Firms

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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In the past few years, the outsourced accounting industry has kept bringing a lot of values to Australian accounting firms. More and more accounting firms have begun to outsource much more complex jobs not only bookkeeping or data entry, but also tax return, SMSFs, etc.

What are the major factors that have driven the high demands of outsourced services in the accounting industry?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an important trend in accounting services industry. The Cloud allows for works to be done from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, today many accounting firms can utilize cloud software to quickly interact and employ outsourcing companies to complete any kind of jobs. It is very helpful to employ outsourcing provider, as multiple jobs can be worked on at the same time, even in different locations and time zone like Australia and Vietnam.

Peak time season

During the busy seasons in the year, accounting firms usually face overloading and timing issues to handle results to their clients. A creditable outsourcing accounting service is the lifebuoy that helps accounting companies reduce the burden of compliance works in the peak time. An experienced outsourcer can also help accounting firms to complete many complicated jobs like tax compliance or SMSF works with very low costs.


Cybersecurity has been the number one concerning topic for every accounting firm to protect their clients’ confidential data. Few years ago, many accounting firms were concerned about the security maintenance of outsourcing services. At present, outsourcing has been accepted among the accounting community as the good quality of services and the strong enhancement in security which allow accounting firms to feel safe and satisfied with services.

Outsourcing accounting services enable accounting companies to grow efficiently their business, fasten their business services, as well as, lower operation costs.

At Odyssey, the outsourcing accounting firm which has over 15-year experiences, you can rely on, for quality in Australian outsourced tax returns, Australian outsourced Superannuation (SMSF’s), SMSF Audit assistance, Australian bookkeeping. Moreover, we are committed to our clients that the safety of their data is the top priority in our office.

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