Nov 2019


Have we hit peak cloud ?

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Cloud Accounting, Outsourcing

Last week I had the chance to speak to an accountant this side of the Nullarbor. A small country town (as you’d expect), for some undisclosed reason he’d move into this two firm town and bought the practice from the previous owner.

He did say “if I’d known now what I knew then…” (or something to that effect), but his interesting comment, apart from the fact that there were no accounting resources to be hired in the town, was that he’d moved from desktop to cloud in the last year.

After talking to thousands of accounting firms over the past decade, we’re pretty sure we can make these comments:

  • Peak acceptance of cloud accounting systems is here and gone
  • We are now down to the tail of cloud migrations
  • Anyone now not on cloud is probably hanging out for retirement, or is probably the fastest excel (or whatever) remaining in the country ..
  • Acceptance and use of Offshore resources is mainstream

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