Jan 2019

New Year

2019 – It’s a New Year!

By: Odyssey General
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So here we are in 2019 – what’s your new years resolutions?!

When we are young, we are too busy focused on the new years day, and probably the headaches that arrive with the new year.

Then as we hit our 20’s we’re totally into new years resolutions: whether it be cleaning up our life, our house, putting things in order, travelling, doing good,… it all comes into the bucket list of things we need to get somewhere different….

As we get a little older, we shrug off the new years resolutions after successive years of failing.

Though some do turn their new years resolutions into action, into habit and then into their life.

It might be hard at first. Which is why probably lots of people give up.

But with all this time on our hands with these new technological advances we have, the question is what are we doing with all this extra time?

At the same time, do smart phones really make us smart. There’s certainly a lot of people online spending a lot of their time wasting time. And there is certainly plenty of evidence that we have shorter attention spans than before.

So maybe it’s a good time to put down some grand plans for 2019. maybe try to rewire your brain so that you can read a book without interruption by the iphone.

At the same time, make some plans to have spare time in your business. And when you have that time, don’t waste it on social media. Get out there, do something, make your spare time positive. Visit friends, visit family, get into the outdoors, travel, whatever. Just do it.

And if you need help with the compliance in 2019, then you know where to find us.

This year Odyssey is likely to complete some 50,000 jobs. We hope we can help you with a few of yours!

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