Aug 2018


Good Outsourcing providers focus on Quality

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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We like our coffee as much as the next person, probably more so as we grow a lot of the stuff here. Whilst Brazil exports a lot of coffee, from time to time Vietnam out exports Brazil. So, we’re confident Vietnam sits in the second place of main coffee exporters.

Before we dive into Outsourcing and Quality, we want to quickly carve off the Offshore labour hire firms that are known as “Offshoring”. Offshoring firms provider labour hire for you to train and manage, which effectively push the responsibility for quality back onto you, and usually involve a discussion on procedures and checklists and training videos. Offshoring labour hire firms don’t do Quality, their focus is on price.

So moving onto a more mature model, Outsourcing is where the Quality is ensured by the Outsourcing provider. The outsourcing provider has developed their own training systems, policies and procedures, and enables you to benefit from the cost savings of not having to train your offshore staff.

Whilst many Australian accountants somewhat strangely seem to be focused on cost, the real driver for a good Outsourcing provider is Quality.

The three main drivers in the provision of a service, any service, is Quality, Time and Cost.

When you race to the “drive through” at the fast food place you have placed Time up front as your main priority, with Cost coming a close second, and a complete disrespect for Quality and what the food is going to do to your body.  Most people would probably agree that this isn’t a great long term strategy for healthy living.

Looking at a buying a decent coffee, you head to your local barista and are looking for maximum Quality, expect it will take more than a few minutes to prepare (and not just poured out of a jug), and that it will be well presented, and expect to pay a reasonable amount. You almost certainly know that it is going to cost more than instant coffee, but you appreciate the quality.

For those that can make their own coffee to a high standard, they will more than likely tend towards a Quality provider, expecting that the quality provider will have correctly trained their staff, remunerate them properly, and treat them as professionals. They appreciate the time it takes to make good coffee, and they don’t begrudge the provider the price to prepare quality work.

The same goes for Quality outsourcing. If your focus is on price and time, then you are better headed to a provider that doesn’t focus on Quality. And if you are headed that way, then I’d suggest having a discussion with your client, and whether they feel the same way about Quality.

After all, Quality gives peace of mind.

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