Mar 2018

3 Tips to make Outsourcing a success

3 Tips to make Outsourcing a success…

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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From the past year we’ve identified 3 tips important to making outsourcing a success:

Tip 1. Select a large Outsourcing services provider who has plenty of experience in the marketplace, and plenty of resources to allow you to expand.

Whilst the newer comers into the Outsourcing space might seem attractive, the lower cost usually comes at a price. The lack of a proven brand leads to compromises within the service levels.

There are some things that a new provider might do “as well as” the market leaders, but the reality is that the new provider is going to be thinly spread when trying to satisfy all clients requests.

An outsourcing provider should be able to provide a “plug and play” service. You should see a seamless onboarding process by the provider, with the first job being received within 24 hours of you making a decision.

If your provider is pushing tasks back onto your firm (e.g. training, onboarding, new processes etc) then the provider isn’t a true Outsource skilled provider. They are likely inexperienced, or an offshore labour provider masquerading as an Outsourcing provider.

Tip 2. You have to be comfortable with amount of outsourcing for your firm.

A good outsourcing offering should offer flexible options. Odyssey believes in a focus on a “job” based approach (in line with your clients requirements) and has focused on streamlining an ad-hoc service offering. At the same time, we do have some clients who like to control their resources, and we have some clients who engage Odyssey for our full time resources.

Regardless of the offering you select, the amount of work you request your outsource partner to perform should be flexible. If you want to send half your work to Odyssey, and keep half in house, then that should be accommodated by your supplier.

Flexibility is key.

Tip 3. Outsourcing should give you breathing space so you can do other things.

This might seem obvious, but outsourcing should give you enough time to do other things. You should have time to read about the marketplace, take on board new service offerings, or have more personal time.

What is important is that you have the time to work out what is critical to you, at this stage of your life. This flexibility is key to an outsourcing offering.

An exceptional outsourcing provider should enable you to turn off the lights for a couple of weeks and head off on holidays, all without having concern about the quality of work done. Would a perfect provider enable you to even move cities or even countries (yes, this has happened to a couple of our clients! ).

So there you have our 3 tips on making outsourcing a success!

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