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Hot Tubs and Motorbikes – The 2012 Odyssey Annual Motorbike Trip!

David Carter, CEO

Would you go on a trip with your outsourcing services provider?!!!

There were plenty of “WOW” moments as we took about 20 Aussie Accounting clients on an adventure to the remote Northern hill tribe areas of Vietnam.

The video of the trip can be found here.

We’re all still pretty excited after having come back from the Odyssey Annual Motorbike Trip 2012, but if you are keen on the 2013 trip drop us an email.

We’d also appreciate input on next years trip. Find our survey here.

And special thanks to our corporate sponsor Andy from Act2!

Motorbike Trip - Australian flag Motorbike trip sponsor - Act2
Motorbike trip 2012

Offshore administration gaining momentum…

As appearing in the SMSF Autumn 2012 edition, Darin Tyson-Chan writes on the Odyssey. For a complete look at the article, please drop over to our blog post.

Odyssey presents at the IPA Conference May 2012

Battling the Tasmanian Winter, our CEO, David Carter, presented a paper “Accounting Outsourcing, Out of the Closet and into the Cloud.

In this session David gave a history of outsourcing, information on due diligence when engaging an outsourcing services provider, the applicable legislation and the recently released APESB Exposure Draft on Outsourced Services.

Increased regulation, the TPB, APES GN 30 Outsourced Services

Accounting outsourcing will continue to have increased regulation. If your outsourcing services provider isn’t up to scratch then it’s going to catch up with you sooner or later. Ask us for help anytime on a decent due diligence… or head on over to our blog post.

In June, David was down in Canberra meeting with the TPB chair, Mr Dale Boucher, regarding a dialogue on regulation of offshore outsourcing services providers. More on this later.

David continues to appreciate the opportunity to be involved with the APESB Taskforce re APES GN 30 Outsourced Services.

Other News

Recruitment in 2012
Recruiting 2012

Odyssey is the largest independent accounting firm in Vietnam. As you can expect with a sterling reputation and track record each year we receive 4,000 plus applications. Here are some of our HR and Admin staff are at a job fair at one of the local Universities.

David and Rob Killeen back in 2006
A blast from the past – Odyssey in … 2006

We’ve been around a while! This photo was taken Oct 2006. David and Rob Killeen discuss Aussie compliance work or maybe the footy?!

Odyssey now has over 125 staff and services just under 400 Australian accounting firms.

HN from Superfund division - Speedie award
The Speedie award

Each month, productive staff receive a small cash bonus. It’s one of the ways Odyssey shares the success with our staff. In this photo HN from our superfund division receives the speedie award!

We’re hearing you… The Fine Print is back!

Thanks for taking the time to read this document and watch our annual motorbike trip video.

For those of you paying attention, please email dcarter@odyssey‐resources.com with the answer to the Question. Where does Marco work?

The video of the trip at → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P9igAn76dw

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This offer is for work uploaded and completed from now until 31 August 2012.

The work must be out the door of Odyssey before 31 August 2012 and on the 31 August 2012 invoice.

From the Team at Odyssey

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